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Sexual Harassment Training Requirements in California Get a New Update
Sexual Harassment Training Requirements in California Get a New Update

Sexual harassment has long been a major problem in workplaces across the world. Even here in progressive California, it is a systemic problem that generates an uncounted number of employment lawsuits each year. The recent #MeToo movement that swept through headlines and ...

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  • I Think I Have an Implied Contract - How Do I Enforce It?

    For the most part, small businesses and major corporations alike function on written contracts of all sorts. Agreements and requirements written down ...

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  • Top Ways Employers are Breaking Paycheck Laws

    Even though there are payroll laws in place to protect employees, many employers could be quietly breaking the law without attracting attention. ...

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  • What Are My Rights for “Working Off-The-Clock?"

    There are many reasons why employees put in extra time at work. Whether an employee stays late to meet a project deadline or comes in early to get ...

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  • Does Age Discrimination Apply to the Younger Generations?

    Are you one of thousands and thousands of Millennials who are struggling to find a job in today’s competitive economy and business markets? With ...

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  • Your Rights When Your Employer Conducts Widespread Layoffs

    Layoffs: The one thing no employee or employer ever wants to hear. Unfortunately, they are a very real reality in the world of business. Some of the ...

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  • Employee Rights Against Workplace Retaliation

    People spend more of their time at work than they do at home, so it’s important to feel comfortable in your place of employment. While no one deserves ...

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  • What are the Proper Steps to Filing a Wage & Hour Complaint?

    Every employee deserves fair payment for all of the hours they work for their employer. This should be something that everyone agrees on and ...

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  • California ABC Test Applied to Contractors Likely to Turn Them into Employees

    The California State Assembly recently passed a bill that would likely turn countless independent contractors into employees through the expanded ...

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  • What is Considered Wrongful Termination?

    No doubt your job is important to you in more ways than one. You may enjoy the work you do as well as rely on the income from your job to support ...

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