Discriminated at Work Due to Your Pregnancy?

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Under The California Fair Employment and Housing Act, it is illegal for an employer to harass, demote, terminate or otherwise discriminate against an employee for becoming pregnant. Additionally, under the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law, California employers should provide up to four months of leave for pregnant employees. If you feel that you are being mistreated due to your pregnancy, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Bill Marder at Marder Employment Law. He is an experienced Silicon Valley employment discrimination lawyer who represents wrongfully treated workers all across California.

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Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination

An employer should make reasonable accommodations for a pregnant employee. If she is working a job that causes bodily stress, she can request to be moved to a different position. Pregnancy discrimination can be as simple as the failure to accommodate a pregnancy.

The following can indicate pregnancy discrimination:

  • You weren't hired because you are pregnant.
  • You didn't get a promotion because you are pregnant.
  • You were denied benefits because you are pregnant.
  • You were fired because you are pregnant.

Proving Pregnancy Discrimination by Your Employer

In order to win a pregnancy discrimination case, you must prove that you were treated differently than other employees similar situated, and that your mistreatment was directly because of your pregnancy.

You can prove that pregnancy discrimination took place either through:

  • Direct evidence of discrimination (a self-incriminating statement)
  • Circumstantial evidence of discrimination (proof that your employer deviated from his usual practices or policies)

What kind of damages could I be entitled to?

If you can prove that your employer unlawfully discriminated against you for being pregnant, you could be entitled to damages for:

  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Punitive damages
  • Lawyer fees

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